Back to school packed lunches

Brain Food


According to a study by  Sorhaindo & Feinstein (2006), in order to optimize cognitive function and adequate concentration of school children, nutrition should be tailored to sustain glucose levels and minimize peaks and troughs throughout the day. 

As the start of a new term beg...

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Vitamin D

Welcome to the first news article from


For our initiation into the ‘blogging’ world we have decided to talk about a very topical vitamin… Vitamin D. 


We understand that to most people vitamin D just follows after vitamins A, B and C, but to us, and in turn to you, vitamin D is a very special and influentia...

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Diabetes? Cholesterol? Antioxidants? Blood Pressure? Vegetarianism? Obesity? ADHD? Fish Oils? Daily Exercise? Weight loss?

Newspapers and magazines are forever printing headlines about how our diet affects our health, how new supplements or medication can change our lives. Often this information can be misleading and confusing. Seeing a Nutritional Therapist could help to detangle some of this confusion, 
Contact us to discuss your concerns.

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